Ten Most Popular Ways To Backup your data

You have always had that intention of backing up your data, and you are not aware how to go about it, well, that should not bother you anymore because this article will give you some of the ten ways that you can use to back up your data and make it safe.

USB stick: they are cheap and small, they are portable, meaning they can be easily carried around and can also be easily stored. The only problem with this is that one can quickly lose it because of its small size.

Save your data on a NAS device system: NAS is known as a network attached storage, it is a server that is very much dedicated to saving data, it has the ability of operating in either wired or wirelessly, it just depends on your computer’s drive, as long as it is configured, it will be able to display as another different drive on your computer, this type of storage is significant because one can set it for automatic storage as well as backing up many computers at a go.

Time machine: This is basically suitable for Mac users, it automatically backs up to the external hard drives, this method will allow to back up your data hourly for twenty-four hours.

Cloud storage: This has several options like icloud drop box and oneDrive; this back up can be automatically done.

Printing: This is basically storing your important data in hard copy and will be easily accessed even if there is a power outage, the bad thing with this is that videos and audios cannot be stored in this manner.

External hard drive: They are always plugged into the computer then the data is transferred to it for back up.

Burning on a CD or DVD: With this, expect no drive failure, and you will be able to store your data safely in a different location

Online backup services like the IDrive and CrashPlan, although it is expensive, with this, you will be sure that your data will not catch fire or floods.

Back up with the windows history, file history is one of the easiest methods that one can back up his or her data.

Automate your back up, and this will allow you to back up as much as you can without you remembering to do it.